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No Age Limit When it Comes to Braces

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Adults who are considering orthodontic treatment with braces near Tempe, AZ are finding that the patients of Dr. Gary Brigham and the team at Brigham Orthodontics have more positive treatment experiences and more successful outcomes. A concern for adults considering orthodontic treatment with braces is that their treatment will not fit into their otherwise busy schedules, and that orthodontic care will become a burden. Adult patients of Dr. Gary Brigham and the team at Brigham Orthodontics are advised to follow these simple steps to minimize their efforts and to maximize the successful outcome of their treatment with braces. Pick a treatment plan that works for your lifestyle. The first step in ensuring that your orthodontic treatment goes well is selecting…

How Often Do I Need to Visit an Orthodontist?

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Orthodontic treatments can help a patient achieve a life-long healthy and straight smile. The length of treatment is always as different as each patient and their treatment goals. Dr. Gary Brigham and the team at Brigham Orthodontics near Mesa, AZ can help give you a better understanding of the processes of orthodontic treatment and which approach may provide their patients with the best outcomes possible. Schedule an orthoconsultation During the consultation, Dr. Gary Brigham will complete a new-patient exam and diagnose your orthodontic treatment needs. This assessment usually lasts about an hour and allows the doctor to evaluate your needs as a patient and answer all of your questions about your proposed course of treatment. X-rays and/or photographs of your…

How To Make Your Invisalign Treatment Quick and Easy

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Invisalign patients of Dr. Gary Brigham enjoy a more comfortable and convenient orthodontic treatment near Mesa, AZ. The Invisalign system of plastic aligners are effective at providing the wearer with a straighter smile while being much less noticeable in the mouth. Invisalign offers benefits that traditional braces can’t offer; they are removable by the wearer. This is a critical reason why Brigham Orthodontics patients have chosen Invisalign for themselves. Although Invisalign is one of the most advanced orthodontic treatments available today, patients are reminded that their teeth and the aligners need regular attention during treatment. To get the best results from treatment with Invisalign, Dr. Gary Brigham recommends patients: Keep Invisalign in a safe place: Invisalign aligners are compact and…

Six Of The Best Foods to Eat During Your Treatment with Braces (and eight you shouldn’t eat)

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Many orthodontics patients with braces are unsure of what foods are restricted in their diets. Many also believe the list of foods to avoid is longer than it actually is. Dr. Gary Brigham of Brigham Orthodontics shares some ideas about what foods are safely enjoyed and which foods are best to avoid eating while wearing braces or during orthodontic treatment near Phoenix, AZ. It is true that during your treatment with braces there are limitations on what you can eat. But the time (and money) invested with braces is well worth coping with these limitations. The payoff is a perfectly straight, healthy, and attractive smile. What foods can be enjoyed during your treatment? There are many delicious food options that…

Can Pre-Teens Get Invisalign Too? 

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There is no “yes-or-no” answer to the question “Can pre-teens get Invisalign, too?” The decision, ultimately, will be made by the patient’s parents and their dentist or orthodontist. As long as your pre-teen has a fully developed set of teeth, Invisalign can be used in treatment. Invisalign clear aligners are generally safe for developing pre-teens, and the resulting tooth placement lasts a very long time. A consultation with Dr. Gary Brigham and the team at Brigham Orthodontics can help you determine the best course of orthodontic treatment for your child near Phoenix, AZ. Imagine being treated with a set of braces that are virtually undetectable. That’s the beauty of Invisalign clear aligners. Treatment with Invisalign costs around the same as…

Before You Choose an Orthodontist, Read These Tips!

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Most people think of braces when they think of orthodontic care, but there is more to it than that. Orthodontists are specialists who treat oral health care issues related to misaligned jaws and teeth. Dr. Gary Brigham and the team at Brigham Orthodontics know that when it comes to the health of your teeth and the quality of your overall orthodontic care, picking the right orthodontist for you is a big deal. Dr. Gary Brigham will ensure that you get the healthy, functional, and confident smile that you’re looking for. Here are a few steps to get you closer to finding the right orthodontist for you. Your dentist usually will be the first to spot any orthodontic issues that you…

What Is the Difference Between Invisalign and Invisalign Teen?

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Invisalign and Invisalign Teen are two different products. The differences between the two might not be significant to the casual observer, but it is important to know the differences between Invisalign and Invisalign Teen when considering orthodontic treatment near Tempe, AZ Dr. Gary Brigham and the team at Brigham Orthodontics know the differences and the most appropriate circumstances in which each type of treatment is effective. What is Invisalign? Invisalign clear aligners are plastic trays that the patient “updates” every two weeks to gradually straighten teeth. Each new aligner is straighter than the last and molds your teeth into a gradually straightened position. Each set of Invisalign or Invisalign Teen trays is made specifically for the patient’s teeth using advanced…

I have braces... Now what?

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Dr. Gary Brigham and the staff at Brigham Orthodontics provide their patients with the best orthodontic care in Scottsdale, AZ. They work hard to ensure that every patient is provided with the appropriate, gentle, and affordable care they need and expect to solve any orthodontic problem. Braces are made with three basic parts: a bracket, a bonding mechanism or band, and an archwire. These all work to help with improving the development of your teeth, bite and jaw. If you’re experiencing a difference in the function of your braces, such as a loose brace or bracket, your braces may be broken and thus aren’t delivering the effective treatment your teeth need. The team at Brigham Orthodontics in Scottsdale, AZ are…

Dr. Brigham's Published Works

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Dr. Brigham has written articles focusing on Orthodontic treatments, click the following links to read on! The Propel® System: the Next Generation Orthodontic Disruptor Pulse Vibration Technology in Orthodontic Treatment Increasing Micro-Osteoperforation Efficiency with Propel’s new Excellerator PT

When Can My Child Get Braces?

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While orthodontic treatment can start in patients as young as six years old, it is less about what age one can get braces than it is at what age they are ready for clear braces. Each child’s teeth develop differently, and that makes the appropriate age for braces differ as well. Some tips from. Dr. Gary Brigham of Brigham Orthodontics can help you determine if your child will need braces near Phoenix, AZ and if/when they should start treatment. Has your child lost all of their baby teeth? While it is possible for orthodontic appliances to be started when a child still has all of their baby teeth, Dr. Gary Brigham recommends waiting until the child only has adult teeth…


  • Ever since I got my braces off, everyone says "Oh my God, I love your teeth", and all I say is that my orthodontist is just amazing! I thought I would just tell you that.... ”

    - G.D. 15 yrs old
  • “My case was so difficult in my eyes. I had braces with surgery to both jaws. Words cannot express how much I am amazed with the outcome of my beautiful teeth. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Brigham and his amazing staff. THANK YOU!!!! ”

    - K.S. 33 yrs old
  • “I would like to thank you for your services and your "chairside humor". You helped to make a long process more enjoyable. I also want to compliment you on your staff, who always kept things interesting. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends. ”

    - P.D. 52 yrs old
  • “Thanks for your inspiration. Inspiring, because I realized that after seeing the degree of finishing in your cases, I never accepted the challenge of making the Invisalign system work. You opened my eyes, and I can see the fun you have had accomplishing a quality finished result. I was very impressed. ”

    - Dr. M.S., Professor of Clinical Orthodontics Case Western Reserve University
  • “I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you, Dr. Brigham, and everyone on your highly skilled team. I am extremely appreciative. If it wasn't for educators like you, giving back to the profession, we wouldn't be able to grow as a specialty. Thank you again. ”

    - Dr. A.L., Clinical Director of Orthodontics Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health

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